Receive SMS Online for FREE, FAST and Secure.

On this Platform, Pexiflow offers a FREE SMS service that allows you to use our temporary phone numbers to receive SMS online with ease, instantly and anonymously. Recently, SMS spamming and identity verification attempts has continuously increased and became a serious privacy issue. To overcome that, we've created this service tool which allows you to choose any phone number of your choice listed on this page and use on any website you like.

Keeping your personal phone number private is essentinal so that you don't be a victim of spamming/scamming/identity verification/hijacking etc...

You can use as many phone numbers as you want and you can receive unlimited SMS messages in seconds.

Whenever you need a phone number for a website that requires phone verification or one-time password, our service tool is always available for you for such purposes.






Mask Your Personal Number

Your privacy is very important. help protect your identity and stay anonymous with our temporary phone numbers.

Absolutely Free

Our SMS receive Platform is free for everyone. you won't be charged for any SMS message you receive.

Super-Fast SMS Delivery

It takes seconds for Text Messages to arrive. This means you don't have to wait minutes or hours like other SMS websites.

Many Numbers

Plenty of Phone Numbers to choose from, try one or use two, You decide | The Pexiflow Platform serves the number.

Unfiltered Messages

All the messages that our platform receives are unrestricted, every SMS is publicly shared.

Private Numbers

We give our registered users the chance to use private numbers which only accessible to them, create an account Today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i save a phone number for monthly/forever use?

No. Our phone numbers is temporary and regularly deleted and changed with new ones. Please do not use any public number for long use purposes. (exception for private numbers)

Can i protect my privacy with public phones numbers?

Yes, you can protect your privacy in some way but they are not completely private.

*Beware of sending any personal/private messages as they are shown publicly for all to see.

I am still waiting for my text message to arrive but still not appearing, why?

The problem might be that the website/application you're trying our number on has blocked the current number. Furthermore there maybe some delay with the OTP code if the phone number has been overused. If the error persist, try our other numbers.

How to use our FREE SMS service?

1. Select any phone number listed on the top of this page.

2. Enter your chosen phone number in the desired app/website.

3. Check back the sent Code on our website.

How often do you add new numbers?

We constantly launch fresh numbers. Bookmark our website so you don't miss out on the new stuff!

Can i verify any service with your number?

Any service that don't require VoIP phone numbers are accepted.

E.g. Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, etc..

Is it necessary to sign up or download a mobile app or a software to use your service?

You don't need to signup, download or install any application. any device with a browser and an internet connection is all you need.

(Note: being signed in gives you the opportunity to enjoy our private and exclusive numbers available only for registered users.)

Do you filter any received text messages?

All the received messages are displayed publicly without any filtration.